The Three Fairies of Fate

He looked at his reflection in the river and asked:

"Who am I?'

Unexpectedly, the river answered:

"You are Namuh, searcher of truth."

Namuh fell back in fright. Finally something had answered him back! Unable to contain his excitement and thinking that he had found intelligent life at last, he asked again "But who am I? What am I doing in this place?"

Suddenly he noticed that behind his own reflection there were three other beings. Unlike him, however, they were all white and had appealing features. He could see that they shone and that they possessed wings. He was troubled by the fact that he could not see their faces clearly.

The brightest of the three came forward and said, "The answer to those questions is up to you to find. I am the Future."

"You have gained new knowledge. Use it to acquire more knowledge. I am the Present."

"And who are you?", said Namuh looking at the third entity, who shone dimly.

"I was ignorant but slowly I am now learning through you. I am the Past."

Namuh was perplexed. He had learned the names of these fairies easily: Past, Present and Future. Though he felt he knew what their names meant he was unsure of what they were really saying. What are they talking about? he asked himself.

"We're talking about time", they said, reading his mind effortlessly.

He did not think it strange that these beings could read minds because he was experiencing all this for the first time. He had not become used to his world. He was open to accept an endless number of possibilities.

"Time? What is time?"

"A curious invention." said Past

"It's the effects of time we see in this world Namuh", said Present.

"We - you and us - are all just the effects of time", said Future

"I can't understand.... are you saying that you're me?"

"Not exactly. Past is what you were when you first came to this planet. You were ignorant, lost and hopeless. Past never changes and yet constantly does so. You see, Past always acquires new experiences. The question you asked about time, is now part of Past. Past is you when you asked that question.", said the enlightened fairy Future.

"Present is you now. Well, no present really exists. Life is just really composed of past and future. Present ceases to be as soon as it is created. Future is yet to come and Past has gone too but is still there for you to refer to.", she continued.

"Therefore Present is not really me but constant renewals of me. What I do now becomes part of the Past as soon as I say it. If I, that is you, do something now Present becomes me but then Past changes as well. So, it goes on and on like this. What are you then, Future?"

"Unlike, Past and Present I am not real and factual. You cannot refer to me. You may choose to be part of me but I can never be you. You redefine me every time you make a decision but I'm always ahead of you. I can see many different paths you could take and, of course, you may choose any one of them. Nobody forces you to choose but beware, Namuh, of the evil dragons! They might misguide you and limit your choices!"

Namuh innocently looked at Future and asked, "What are dragons? I don't know what you mean. Ah, and what is evil?"

The three fairies ignored these questions but only said to him, "The answers are within you. You should not expect us to give you all the answers. We are here to help you but you must never totally depend on us. You must learn to trust yourself. You must find your own way. That, of course, takes a lot of time...."

The fairies guided him through this strange world all day long. However, they made sure that he never walked alone in the forest. Namuh did not notice how cautious the fairies were, especially when they passed through the darker sides of the forest. They knew that some day he must come here by himself but for now, their mission was to protect him. They had to teach the Inexperienced and innocent Namuh many things before leaving him wandering on his own. They taught him many things. They taught him how the grass grew, what the river was made up of and many other exciting things about his world. He knew, though, that they were keeping some things from him. He suspected it sometimes, though he never persevered in his questioning when this happened.

"This world is made up of many living things. That means they depend on the land for nourishment. They also depend on the river. You, however, don't depend on the land because you're -".

Future interrupted Present. Namuh must not know. At least not now.

"I'm what?"

"You're special. That's what.", Future said, rather convincingly.

"You mean that all the trees grow from the earth and that the river nourishes them. The animals feed on the grass that grows. I understand.", he said accepting Future's words as being the whole truth. He would encounter liars, Future thought, he must be warned.

"A valuable lesson you must learn and which will help you a lot in the future is the fact that there are evil beings."

"What is evil?"

"Evil is when someone does something that causes harm to others. For example, I may choose to lie to you to make you suffer.", she knew what the following question would be. She had experienced heard it over and over again.

"What are lies?"

"Lies are a distortion of the truth. That means that if I tell you that Future is what you were ages ago I would be lying."

"What's wrong with that? Its not serious."

"It would be if it was about you and this world.", she remembered that she had, in a way, lied to him previously. That was to protect him. She wasn't sure she had done the right thing.

"Evil is not about lies only. It is about many things. It's about hate and deceit. It's about intention. It's about who you are. That's all I can tell you.", the fairy knew that she could not proceed. She could not answer these questions because she was not the qualified person to do so, though she knew all the answers. Her mission had to end there. She knew she had to assist others in need. She looked at both Past and Future as if she was telling them something.

"Namuh. It's time for us to leave you."

"No! I haven't finished yet...What is hate? Deceit? Intention? Why am I here?", Namuh cried. All his attempts to run after the fairies were futile. They were gone as soon as Future said the word.

"Don't leave me alone again! Why do I have to be alone? Why?"

When he uttered those words he realised that he was feeling lonely again. He felt he had been rejected by the only persons he could trust. He felt lonely before, but because he had found who to talk to, the feeling had disappeared. Now it came back much stronger than it was before! He cried for the first time in his life, not really knowing what it was like to be in pain and yet feeling it.

Believe me, Namuh was devastated by this feeling. He, the once lone explorer of this planet, had met these creatures which had changed him inside. He had gathered that these beings were indistinguishable from him. But at least they were not really him. Their presence quenched his thirst for communication. They had given a meaning to his existence. Things had started to make sense! But now, they had left him. He felt angry at Future for ordering them off. Yet, he loved her because she had given him part of her. She helped him look deeper into himself. She helped him understand the why and how of things on his world.

Future stood on a mountain thinking about Namuh. She knew she had to lie to him. She could never tell him that he was in control of the whole world around him but that he was also dependent on some other force. He would not have understood. She knew what the force was and now, more than ever before, she feared it. She knew that Dlataz had won in the 'upper' world and that she had to help this Namuh survive temptation. Yet, this angel still worried about what could happen to Namuh's future and thus, to her. Anything could go wrong, especially these days, and she had visualised so many horrors that it was tiring her. She composed a poem, to feel better and sang it in the same way a mother would sing to her child:

Innocent creature, who knows and doesn't know, on the clouds you shall sail,
but I know not if you may fail...
my only assurance is in you!

Have faith in yourself, gentle being and open your eyes. Start seeing!

For you and I will meet again.

And if you succumb to Dlataz he won't be the one to blame... but then it will be a great shame.

There was so much Dlataz could do, thought Future, but she could not pull Namuh through. She could not interfere with the course of events. Namuh must decide for himself what to do because he was a free creature. Future hoped for the best. For hope was the only thing she could do. Now everything was in his hands. She was in his hands.

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